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How to Avoid Foreclosure In Phoenix AZ

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Facing foreclosure is by far one of the worst situations one could ever face. I know! I was there myself not too long ago!

  • The Sleepless nights worrying about what is next.
  • The Uncertainty
  • The Misinformation
  • The Stress on the whole family

I felt Alone, Secluded, Scared, Embarrassed, and Ashamed that I had gotten us into this situation.

But then I realized, I did Nothing. It wasn’t really my fault. Sure we didn’t have to refinance, but we did, and for that I have no excuse. But I alone did not make the economy collapse and I really wasn’t alone in my situation. There were millions out there in the same position as me. Some outside hardship has put you in this position. So what is the solution I asked myself, and that is when I went to work.

Three and a half months later I found my answer, but it was not easy!

It took every day of researching, studying, and learning about things that most other people did not have time to even attempt trying to figure out. But I was fortunate enough to have that time. So I put my all into it and I found my solution, I actually found ALL the solutions. And I can help you find yours!




The 6 Options to Avoid Foreclsoure

Your first major decision is Can We, or do we Want to Try to, Keep The House! Or, is our best option to simply Sell My House Fast.

Most people want to keep the house. I can fully understand that but it is not always A) Possible or B) Prudent. When it is neither, Selling is by far a better solution than Losing your home.

The 3 Ways to keep the house are:

  1. Refinance
  2. Loan Modification
  3. Bankruptcy

Refinance: While this is certainly the Best Solution, it is quite probably an impossibility. If your credit has already been damaged along the way to where you are now then there is little to no chance you will succeed at a refinance. You must look ahead and do this Before you are past the point of no return if this is the option you choose

Loan Modification: This is your next best option. This is also where some people will tell you there are more than 6 options available because they break down all the different types things you can do in a loan modification as individual options of their own. But really they all fall into Loan Modification. The Problem with Loan Modification is that You don’t know how to do one, and not many other people do either. So you follow the instructions (or lack thereof) the bank gives you and when it’s all said and done you don’t qualify! But they won’t tell you why! So you can try and try and never get anywhere until they finally tire of you and go ahead and foreclose. That is the #1 reason why the whole program has been such a failure. The doesn’t tell you what they want!

Bankruptcy: While this is a way for you to keep you house, you should view this THE Last possible resort. Bankruptcy is just one tick above foreclosure on the worst possible things that could ever happen you list. But since it is just that much better, it is therefore an option. If you are attempting loan modification on your own with your lender and REALLY do want to keep your home, I would suggest you also talk with a bankruptcy attorney and have things ready to go as a back up. This way when the bank gives you their final ultimatum of pay up or get out you will Have The Time to switch gears. Most people never have that luxury.

The 3 ways to Sell are:

  1. Sell it Yourself
  2. Call a Realtor
  3. Sell to an Investor

Sell Yourself: You can put it out there but you will have challenges to face. Is it a Short Sale and do have any idea how to deal with the banks. Do you know how to advertise, do you have time to advertise, are you ready to negotiate with buyers, the list goes on….I’ll leave this decision to you but suggest you go ahead and read on first.

Call a Realtor: This may seem like your best answer but it’s not always so. Realtors today, (and no offense to the really good ones who won’t be offended by this anyway) are simply put, lazy and uneducated. They want you to sign their agreement and lock you up for months, do about 15 minutes of work to enter your info into the system and upload it to the mls. Then Sit and Wait for someone else to actually sell Your property For Them.

They know only one way to sell, and because of that will often times advise you against things that just might save your ass-ets. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the 5% who make 90% of all the money in real estate, then you will be in exceptionally good hands.(I do wish you Luck with that)

Passing a test and paying a fee does not a professional make. You passed a driving test and payed a fee didn’t you. Then why aren’t you driving in the Indy 500? Consider that very few people in this world truly excel at what they do! Real estate agents are no different from the rest of us.

Sell To An Investor: Understand that I am Not being bias because this is what I do, but THIS is truly your Best Solution to selling your property. And I’ll give you several reasons:

  1. There are no tests or fees, we WORK at real estate every single day (We Live, Eat, and Breath real estate, every minute of every day)
  2. It’s Our Money …That’s On The Line! (So don’t you think we’d better Know exactly what we are talking about, and more importantly what we are doing!)
  3. Knowing exactly what is going on in the market at all times is MANDATORY! Not just something we “should do” 
  4. There are many ways to buy a property. We know them all!                                                     (There are no cookie cutter solutions because EVERY situation is unique)
  5. The Biggest Benefit to YOU is that we are Actual Buyers!!                                                  (There’s no waiting and hoping! We ARE Going to Buy Your House)
  6. Bottom line for You is this — WE CREATE SOLUTIONS!                                                (And Isn’t THAT Exactly What YOU Need!….RIGHT NOW!!)

We are always available to serve those in need and will be more than pleased to serve you too. I will share with you all that I know so you needn’t take three and a half months to learn it (because you probably don’t have that kind of time anyway) I am very confident we can offer you a number of solutions. One of which will be Exactly What YOU Need!

Short Sale When Foreclosure Looms

We Will Do ALL This…. at NO COST To You!

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If you would like to accept this very generous offer.

If you do not, I can only hope that what you have learned here today is enough to help you ultimately find a successful solution to your situation, and wish you the best in all you do.

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