Short Sale When Foreclosure Looms

How To Short Sell Your Home

If you have financial troubles due to the fact that your adjustable rate mortgage is no longer affordable or you have been financially set back such as the loss of a job, you may be interested in selling your home. However, the problem you are having is accelerated by the by the fact that your home is actually worth less than the amount that you owe on your mortgage.

It is possible to learn how to avoid foreclosure, however, I can tell from personal short sale help professionalsexperience, that learning and understanding all the options, is a time consuming endeavor that not everyone is suited for. There are moves that can save your credit and steer you away from bankruptcy. One solution that you might want to consider is a real estate short sale. If you are left with minimal financial options, it may actually become your only option.

Understanding Short Sales

A real estate short sale is an option that you need to explore if you are in financial distress. It involves selling your property for less than the amount that is owed on the mortgage. A third party purchases the property and the proceeds of the sale go to the lender.

In most cases, the lender will either forgive the difference or obtain a deficiency judgment that requires payment of part or all of the difference. However, in some regions, the difference in a short sale has to, by law, be forgiven.

You should be aware that a real estate short sale could be a lot of work. While foreclosure will let you simply walk away from the home, there will be grave consequences to your future financially. Completing a short sale can be intense, yet it is definitely worth it.

Fortunately, I am here to help. I can provide you with all of the necessary information for an informed decision. I understand that your situation is unique; and I am in the deal for more than just my own monetary gain, unlike some of the other companies that buy houses.

You can rely on my honesty from the very beginning. I have extensive experience in the residential real estate investing, so I make my money through the process without taking it out of your pocket. I understand your primary reason for considering a short sale. Based on own personal foreclosure experience, I have made it my personal mission to help as many others, as humanly possible, understand how to avoid foreclosure.

Now A Days You Do Not Even Need To Be Facing Foreclosure In Order To Do A Short Sale.

Although that was a requirement of the past, today you can do a short sale if you simply need to sell–As long as there a reason why you must sell, most banks are willing to work with you. So if your Under Water House has become too much of a burden and you would like just move on and start over, We can Help You achieve your goal quickly and easily.

You see We Buy Short Sales and would be more than willing to buy yours too–and we don’t — nor do you– need a real estate agent to do so. We will negotiate directly with your lender on your behalf to get the deal done quickly. Thus saving you all the hassle of listing your property–and basically announcing to the public your situation–, parading potential buyers through your life day in and day out, while you wait — And Hope — one of them is going to make an offer the bank will accept, And Then, Holding your breath for months on end hoping they will eventually follow through with the purchase–Many, Many Short Sales listed on the MLS do not close and come back out onto the market, only to start the whole process all over again for you.

I am more than happy to discuss all of the available options with you and teach you the ins and outs of how to short sell. You can call me directly at 480-304-5614. It is my personal mission to help you and I am available most every day and night.

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