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Real Estate Mentor….For Real Estate Investing Success

Please Mentor Me — I Can Hear You!! Introduction Video–(coming soon, I Promise)

This is EXCITING Stuff!!!….Because I will do just that. Mentor You!!

Your a Greenhorn Newbie, a budding real estate investor, or maybe you’ve been real estate mentordoing it a while but it’s A Lot of work, and not really going anywhere. You want to start, or grow a new business, and everyone says you need to find someone to “mentor you”, right. How many times have you asked someone, “Will you mentor me in real estate investing?” So just where do you find this person? Who isn’t asking for 50k or something outrageous to do it… I’ll Tell You Where!!


What??? You Say!!!……. No Joke!.. YES, I/We shall be your mentor.

Now don’t get confused. You are not going to be calling every hour with your what if scenarios. This is more of a learn by doing opportunity. An Apprenticeship or Partnership so to speak.  We’ll teach you how to go “Find” the deals first (one step at a time there bucko)  then you bring them to us and we will work the rest together. Step 1 is to FIND Deals. I don’t care what you’ve heard about doing this or that first, the bottom line is that without a deal you have nothing to sell, so what good is a buyers list, a website, a business license, an Llc., or Anything else for that matter.

If you don’t have product you don’t have business!!

Imagine opening a corner store and marketing your tail off to have customers lined up around the corner on opening day. You secured the building, the license, created your business, you’ve done EVERYTHING you could think of to prepare. Then you open the doors, Customers come flooding in, but there’s nothing on the shelves……So they leave…..and what do you have? what have you created? ……A BIG Pile of NOTHING!!!

Step 1 My Friend — Go Get A Deal!!!! The rest will fall into place.

Then!!!  You will learn how to evaluate them, make offers on them, close them, and make money on them!!

Instead of me having to go out and reinvent the wheel, all I have to do is roll it on over to you. My mentor and I have co-Authored a book–a manuscript or road map so to speak–to get you started finding the deals (and more but we’ll start with step 1–how’s that sound?). With this method of coaching, that’s all you really need to know to get started making money. Just learn how to find the deals first–The rest will come–and your knowledge of how to make big money will grow with each deal done.

Hey some people catch on quickly, and for some it a takes repeat effort. But if you know how to go find the deals, you’ll have every opportunity to learn all you need to know. Then you can take your show on the road do it all yourself, or maybe not!

Ready to Jump On Board Real Estate Investing Right NOW!!


Please mentor me!?!?!….Those days are over for you.

All the stuff I already know inside and out is now yours. The great thing about this is we can get started immediately… And I don’t have to charge you a mountain of cash you don’t have, in order to participate.

Now I’m not Giving this away either, I mean Come On, My time is Valuable. And sure, you could take this same money and go out and buy a “another” course or program–teaching you how they made their money 5 years ago which sounds great but doesn’t work today–but will the cry of “Mentor Me” be answered with that course. I Don’t Think So!!!

Do you think it’d be helpful if you had someone who will be there to answer your questions first hand by actually seeing and doing what it takes, to help you figure out what to do next, to evaluate your deals with you, to make sure you find the buyers, and virtually assure that you make make money on every deal.

If you don’t, then you need not read any further, cuz you obviously can do this all on your own.

Would you like someone who will fill the gaps, that I too had to color in for myself…until I found my mentor. Which really was under the same premise, it was more of an apprenticeship where I too learned by doing.

Listen this is an amazing offer that No One Else is doing. Everything you need to learn, AND,  Someone to guide you through it. For 2 Full Years!!

SO if you think your ready to hit the big time with real estate investing, Call Me Up Now!   …   480-809-3773

So if you’re READY!!…And, you’re SERIOUS!!….I mean REALLY SERIOUSI don’t want ANYONE, who’s not willing to put their all into this–email me NOW >>>

I Can’t Wait To Meet You!! And to begin hearing the cries of “Please Mentor Me” slowly fade away from the atmosphere. See, I’m also providing huge service to mankind, by helping eliminate some of this noise pollution we have to put up with. Talk about humanitarianism!

And, You don’t even HAVE to live in Arizona to do this!!! You will just have to be a bit more aggressive!! So once again, make absolutely sure You Are Serious about changing your life forever and email me Now at

For those of you who do live in the Phoenix area we have recently developed a new sort of “In House” Mentor program. Instead of just teaching you how and sending you off to go find deals, we now have a program for you to actually work “our” already proven and successful systems on our behalf. Then when a deal springs up from your efforts we’ll take you from their, step by step through the processes to get to a closing and cashing a check–my favorite part by the way. This program too comes at a “Small” cost to you, but also with a fair share of the profits, to learn while you earn. We’re kicking this off January 15 2017 and do not know how many we’ll be able to take on at a time. So if your “On the Fence”, Get your butt off and get it going Now!

Trust me when I tell you this IS the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to learn what is fresh and working NOW, not what worked last year, and, get paid while doing so. Space is obviously limited so Do Not Hesitate if you truly do have a Real Desire to be successful in your dreams to change your life and tell your boss “OUGVUF”.

If this is you… Call Me Already!    …480-809-3773

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