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So Finally after Two years of living with my own mistake–We Finally Have An Actual BLOG! Yeah!!    Welcome All and I hope you find value in the information presented here.

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Dream / Nightmare Homes A Seven Part Series—Part 1                                        5/23/13
Need to end the nightmare of a Dream Home gone bad?

Many homeowners have a property that was once a dream and now keeps them up at night worrying about what they are going to do with it.They have nightmares about owing far more than the property is worth. One of the top 2 Scariest Home Nightmares today.“When (if Ever) will we again see equity in this property, and is it even worth it to continue throwing money at it—That seems to land right in the toilet where it just gets flushed down the drain.”

Depending on the terms of their loan and when they bought the property some don’t equal out to zero equity for as many as 17 years—and that’s considering and including a modest year after year appreciation rate of 2%. 17 years of throwing cash down the toilet before they can even begin to start building equity again. Not to mention having had paid for the house twice over from the interest payments Alone.

Can any property be worth a nightmare this scary?

There is a better answer!

Do you know anyone suffering from the sleepless nights caused by this recurring nightmare?

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Paul Romero
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Inheriting Someone Else’s Problem

If you asked 100 people on the street if they’d like to inherit a property, most all of them would probably say “heck yea, are you kidding me, I’d love to inherit a property…I’d be set!” The fact of the matter is, inheriting or obtaining property through probate is NOT always the grand winfall most people would think it is–especially in today’s world.

The fact is whatever problems that person had with that piece of property, Are Now Your Problems. Sure you could be one of the lucky few who get a property from someone who had their affairs in perfect order preparing for their passing, and sure if you did this it would be a great benefit to you and your family. But how many people do you know who have their lives in perfect order–at ANY time! let alone as they are approaching end of it. There could be bills to pay, liens against the property, taxes owed, a mortgage out on it, worse yet a reverse mortgage out on it, or they could owe far more than it’s even worth. Then how about physical problems,  plumbing problems, a leaky roof, mold damage, foundational problems, you name it. What if they were a hoarder of sorts, and there’s just a mountain of “Stuff”! How do you even start.

Many times the “Real Property” associated with a probate or inheritance becomes the heirs only means of cleaning everything up and settling the estate, a process they may not have the time or maybe even the ability to accomplish. WOW! Just look at all the possible problems this so called wonderful opportunity has dumped into your lap.

Having the assistance of someone who has helped others get through the same type of situation can be a godsend, but who are these people and where do you find them? Believe it or not, they’re real estate “investors”. We have helped many people in these situations not just with selling the house at “Fair” and “Reasonable” value, but even so much as to have personal property packed up and shipped off , or sold off for you. Sometimes we even buy it ourselves making it quick and simple.

If you have inherited a property–first of all I hope you were one of the few who had the perfectly simple and beneficial experience-but if not, we would all love to hear Your story of what you got, what you went through, and what it took to finally settle the situation. Have you ever used a real estate investors assistance in a similar situation?

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