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We are Paul Romero and John Luyster. Together we are Sell-A-House-Arizona.com

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We’ve been in Real Estate for longer than we care to remember. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. We’ve seen Sellers have the upper hand. We’ve seen buyers have the upper hand. We’ve seen interest rates go both high and low, but never before–except in the history books–have we seen anything like what America has been going through for the past 6 years. And it Ain’t over yet people! Don’t fool yourself in believing what the media has to say. The housing market is headed into very strange and uncharted waters. Better get creative, or get left behind.

This round of housing market upheaval is by far the worst any of us have ever seen, and at least comparable to that of the great depression. It caught millions of Americans by surprise and threw their lives into turmoil by putting them into situations where they could not sell a house they needed to. I too was caught. My house was facing foreclosure not so many years ago. But unlike many who left their heads buried in the sand, I was able to swiftly adjust and minimize my losses. My past knowledge and experience helped, but I really had to relearn, and learn for the first time, a lot more than anyone could imagine. Or have the desire to even Try.

It was through that process that I have gained the knowledge which we now apply to helping others and he principles upon which SAHA was built.

John and I do much more than just Buy Houses, and don’t feel you have to live in Arizona for us to be able to help you sell a house, we do this Nationwide too!!

We Are Problem Solvers! We strive to provide Creative Selling Solutions for those with a need to sell a house. You’ve already read the many possible reasons why one might need to sell a  house quickly on the home page. Maybe one of those applies to you, or maybe you have another reason to sell a house quickly. Either way we are more than happy to apply our 1st hand, lived it, knowledge to Your Specific Situation and see if we can create the hard to find solution you are looking for.

The Buying Services we currently provide are:

  • Tailored to those with an urgent need to sell a house

  • For those with a prohibitive situation they think is preventing a sale

  • For those who just want to unload a property immediately

  • Really for anyone who just wants to sell a house and understands they can benefit greater from a Creative Selling Solution, opposed to what the traditional methods can offer.

It truly is The Fastest and Easiest way to sell a house quickly. There is no searching for a buyer, as We Are That. It all comes down to what we can work out together, Not just what someone tells you you need. And in the rare case it doesn’t work, you will have wasted very little time to find this out. So you really have Nothing to lose by calling.

You will know within 48 hrs if we are going to find you a solution, and buy your house. This way you can seek other alternatives immediately–if there are any. It is not our objective to tie up your property and cause even more troubles than you already have. With or without a purchase–We’re in and We’re out–Quick, Easy, and Straight Forward, In Plain English with No Double Talk.

So before you go and try all the other time consuming alternatives that rely on you “Finding a Buyer” Come Directly To The Source….A Buyer!! 1st, and see if we can accomplish your desire to sell a house, without all the hassle of endlessly parading “Potential” buyers through your house, Hoping they will make an offer…

(We WILL make you an offer, that we guarantee!)

And Then hoping they’ll actually follow through on that offer and actually close the deal. (you’d be surprised how many people makes offers they never close on) When you accept our offer, we have no change of heart. We don’t find a better one around the corner. We are in it for the duration, because if you have accepted our offer we already know it works for us, and there is virtually No Reason Why That Should Change.

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